RESTAURANT WORKSHOP- Talent Acquisition: Recruit & Retain

As the Restaurant Industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, sourcing, selecting and retaining top Restaurant Talent is increasingly challenging.  

In this workshop, learn how you can create a competitive advantage in attracting top talent to your restaurant.

Learn the "8 Points of Recruiting"  when deployed consistently, you are virtually guaranteed to be 100% staffed consistently with the RIGHT PEOPLE

Additional topics:

  • How to build a regional reputation for attracting and retaining Top Talent
  • Effective sourcing methods
  • Behavioral Interviewing- How and When to hire for Talent versus Experience
  • Creating a work environment and culture where people want to come to work, stay and grow
  • Developing internally for the Future- when you have an opening, you have multiple team members to choose from

VRLTA Members can enjoy a 15% discount on general admission tickets for this as well as all other Restaurant Positive workshops.